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Finger Food Friday: Fried Crab Fingers

Crab fingers are the bottom halves of blue crab claws with the outer shell removed and the pincer tips left in place. They’ve been a popular New Orleans hors d’oeuvre and menu munchie for years and years. And they’re a fun finger food to make at home. You don’t have to boil tens of dozens of crabs to enjoy them either. Because they’re such a big hit, containers (like the one below) of boiled and shelled crab fingers (also marketed as crab claws or cocktail claws) are abundantly available at seafood markets and grocery stores throughout New Orleans and South [ ... ]

Roasted Asparagus Soup

New Orleans is a soup-loving city. We ladle it up year-round regardless of how oppressively hot and humid some days (most days) get. Soup is an important part of our “bowl cuisine” or “bowl culture,” which also includes gumbo, etouffee, stew, beans, and even jambalaya. Whether we’re flaunting a specific ingredient, looking to stretch the food we have on hand or needing to feed plenty of people, we turn to our bowl cuisine. It’s familiar and soul-satisfying. I was in need of some “bowl love” this week with all the out-of-control house renovations I’m dealing with. [ ... ]