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Potato and Sun Dried Tomato Gratin

Even during a food-centric holiday like Thanksgiving where huge platters of food are squeezed onto an already crowded table and everyone eats family-style, I think it’s nice to create one savory dish that’s individually portioned. Gratins are the perfect candidates. Baking them in single-serve ramekins or mini-pie pans ensures that each recipient gets a balance of that velvety smooth interior and cheesy, crusty exterior that defines any good gratin. If you’re stressed over washing extra dishes, you can always opt for those disposable aluminum foil cups or pans. Gratins can also be assembled a day or [ ... ]

Green Bean and Artichoke Casserole

I know most of you have your own go-to green bean casserole and I wouldn’t be surprised if each one centered on canned cream of mushroom soup and French fried onions. I love that version too. But if you’re looking to change things up a bit this Thanksgiving or if you’re simply searching for a new vegetable side dish to work into your weekly dinner rotation, try my family recipe. Our green bean casserole also includes artichokes and the flavors are reminiscent of Stuffed Artichokes thanks to the generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Italian [ ... ]