Good Stuff

Just like good recipes, great finds mean nothing if you don’t share them with others.  So I’ve taken the liberty of identifying some of the Good Stuff that makes my cooking, my kitchen and my life rock.  Click on the category headings below to check out some of my favorites.


I have an embarrassingly large collection of cookbooks covering just about every food topic imaginable.   I can’t get enough of them.  I read each one like a novel, cover to cover, dog-earing some pages and splattering and staining others.  My cooking style is tied in some way to each and every book in my collection and it will no doubt continue to evolve as my cookbook collection continues to grow.


Food Magazines

I have an insatiable appetite for all things food and I try to satisfy my hunger each month by consuming mass quantities of food knowledge from the pages of cooking, home & garden and everyday living magazines.


Kitchen Essentials

My kitchen is my playroom.  It’s outfitted with everything I need to act up, have fun and be creative.  I have lots of practical, and not so practical, toys to make all of my cooking dreams come true.