This section of Raised on a Roux® is where I throw in a little something extra, all in an effort to make you feel at home while visiting my site.  “Lagniappe” is the local Creole tradition of giving visitors a small token of appreciation.  It’s like a baker’s dozen.  For me, that little something extra may be providing weekly supper ideas or chatting up cool and interesting things about New Orleans.  I may also occasionally spice things up by posting some of my “Casual Creole” entertaining ideas.

Since lagniappe is an integral part of the local vernacular, it’s important to learn the correct pronunciation, “lan-yap.”  There are a bunch of extra letters thrown in there to make it look pretty, but don’t let that deter you from using the expression like a native.  Mark Twain came to appreciate the word and its meaning during his time in New Orleans.  He quickly recognized that lagniappe was “a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get.”  With Raised on a Roux®, you’ll feel like you’re already there!