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Creole Onion Soup

Whenever I mention Creole Onion Soup in circles outside of New Orleans, I’m often asked how it differs from French Onion Soup. Well, like many New Orleans recipes, that depends on whose Creole Onion Soup you’re eating.  If you’re savoring a bowl prepared by an old-school Creole or anyone carrying those traditions forward, the soup will likely contain some form of dairy and may even be puréed to a thick, velvety consistency.  Several references to this style of onion soup can be found in various New Orleans cookbooks. The earliest references I discovered were in my mother-in-law’s 1901 edition of [ ... ]

Rabbit Sauce Piquant

Louisiana is known as Sportsman’s Paradise because of its many fertile waterways and dense woodlands. In this part of the country, hunting and fishing is a way of life for many and the number one extracurricular activity for the majority of those who don’t make a living off the land. If you grew up around these parts, chances are you were introduced to a wide array of fresh seafood and wild game at a young age. Both are regional staples on family dinner tables and restaurant menus. If you grew up elsewhere and did not have similar experiences, let me [ ... ]