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Finger Food Friday: Warm Goat Cheese and Pepper Jelly Spread

Okay guys.  It’s time to clean out your pantries.  Dig deep, way in the back, and pull out one of the many jars of pepper jelly that was gifted to you back in December–six long months ago.  Don’t worry.  It’s still good as long as you haven’t opened it.  If you don’t have any, contact your nearest relative or friend in New Orleans (or from New Orleans) and ask them for a jar–it’s quite popular in NOLA!  Or pick up one from the grocery store.  Because today, I’m sharing an entirely new and scrumptious way to serve that red/green gelatinous gem.  [ ... ]

Tuna Fish Salad

Have I ever introduced you to Child No. 3?  Oh, I’m sure I have if only briefly.  Blair.  My beautiful, bright-eyed third of three.  Still considered my baby, even as she approaches double digits.  Highly inquisitive.  Funny.  Mother hen.  Accomplished grazer.  Nicknamed “junior” by the hubby because she’s so much like her momma–especially when it comes to sleeping (gets a solid 10 each night) and eating (lover of mass quantities of all things edible). On the eating front, her habits are so closely aligned with mine they’re downright frightening!  Take this tuna salad for instance.  She eats it one of three [ ... ]
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Finger Food Friday: Marinated Crabs

Marinating crabs is a time-honored way to breathe new life into and extend the enjoyment of leftover boiled crabs.  My grandmother’s dear friend Josie, who was like an aunt to us, began making this glorious finger food for my family decades ago.  It’s a happy mess of highly seasoned boiled crabs drenched in what is best described as a chunky olive oil-based vinaigrette and eaten in the same manner as boiled crabs–with your hands.  Most of us will jump at the chance to host a backyard crab boil just so we can set aside a dozen or so crabs for [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Bayou Bar Nuts

Years ago, when I first started working, I used to make batches of sweet and savory nuts for my co-workers for Christmas.  I’d gift them in decorative glass jars adorned with fancy holiday ribbons.  It was an easy and economical way for me to give a little something to a lot people.  For the life of me, I can’t find that recipe.  Maybe it’s all for the better.  Because, as I recall, it was edgy.  The initial bite was a super-sweet sugary, cinnamon rush followed by a brief pause of plain toasted nuts and then an onslaught of extreme heat–from [ ... ]

Pinto Beans

  Our family has a longstanding tradition of special birthday meals.  On that one special day each year, we get to choose our favorite home-cooked dish for dinner.  My longstanding choice for that special meal has always been my mom’s pinto beans.  They are the bomb for two very good reasons.  One, she cooks them down with copious amounts of roasted pork–the homey/economical cuts like a shoulder or those large, boneless country-style ribs.  And two, she serves them nachos-style.  She covers a dinner plate with Doritos and layers the beans and garnishes on top.  We eat them with our fingers grabbing [ ... ]
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Finger Food Friday: Sausage Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Fest fever continues this weekend in New Orleans with the Creole Tomato Festival.  This one’s held at the French Market and celebrates one of our favorite local crops, the Creole Tomato.  Creole Tomatoes are juicy, meaty and firm thanks to South Louisiana’s rich soil and subtropical (hot and humid) climate.  Unfortunately, the season for these bright red beauties is short and local consumption is high.  So you have to travel to the Greater New Orleans area or neighboring river parishes to get them.  To fully appreciate all that a Creole Tomato is, it’s best to eat them like a local.  [ ... ]

Lemon Pistachio Tart

Are you all in the mood for something sweet? Good. Me too. I haven’t made any sugary treats in a while. But now that the kids are out of school, I find myself planning one dessert after another. I don’t let my kids eat sweets all the time, but when I do I prefer they have the good, homemade stuff. Besides, baking anything is a surefire way to get them cooking. As I mentioned many times before, making pastry dough from scratch is not my thing. However, back when I was a teenager I [ ... ]
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Finger Food Friday: Andouille Crusted Jumbo Louisiana Shrimp with Brown Butter Cream Sauce

In Louisiana, we define the four seasons by Crawfish, Shrimp, Crab and Oyster.  It’s a unique and appetizing way to get through the year.  As one delicious season ends, another much-anticipated one begins.  Currently, crawfish season is winding down and shrimp season is gearing up.  Plump, juicy, sweet Louisiana shrimp.  There’s nothing like them!  And this season, however young, is already proving to be grand.  I know because I had the good fortune of receiving a pound of wild jumbo Louisiana shrimp straight from the deck of the Anna Marie (a South Louisiana fishing vessel) through the efforts of the [ ... ]