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Finger Food Friday: Fried Soft-Shell Crab Poor Boys

The hubby and I have been together almost 20 years (I was really, really young when we starting dating. Wink! Wink!). And while we’re not the perfect couple, we do pride ourselves on working hard at keeping our relationship strong. A big part of that is carving out time for each other. We frequently schedule lunch dates and sneak in the occasional night out. But all those outings combined don’t come close to measuring up to the kidless weekends we share each year at the New Orleans Jazz Fest! We’ve been enjoying these date [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Marinated Crabs

Marinating crabs is a time-honored way to breathe new life into and extend the enjoyment of leftover boiled crabs.  My grandmother’s dear friend Josie, who was like an aunt to us, began making this glorious finger food for my family decades ago.  It’s a happy mess of highly seasoned boiled crabs drenched in what is best described as a chunky olive oil-based vinaigrette and eaten in the same manner as boiled crabs–with your hands.  Most of us will jump at the chance to host a backyard crab boil just so we can set aside a dozen or so crabs for [ ... ]