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Duck, Andouille and Tasso Jambalaya

Louisiana has long been known as Sportsman’s Paradise because of the state’s outstanding hunting and fishing resources. And on the hunting front, duck is probably the biggest draw for wild game enthusiasts. Louisiana’s popularity as a prime duck hunting destination is due to the large population of local species that take up residence in the area’s abundant wetlands and agricultural fields coupled with the region’s prime location along the famed Mississippi Flyway—that popular migratory route many game birds take each year in search of warmer weather. So based on that intriguing information, it should come as no [ ... ]

Stewed Chicken

Prior to becoming a mom of three, a business owner and a food writer/blogger, I was a legal secretary and a paralegal. In New Orleans, I worked for a large law firm that occupied the top two levels of the One Shell Square building on the corner of Poydras Street and St. Charles Avenue. Loved the job, really loved the people I worked with and loved, loved the location. That’s because One Shell Square is situated in the heart of the New Orleans Central Business District, or what the locals call the CBD, and the CBD is [ ... ]

Rémoulade Sauce

Time to share one of my warm weather entertaining essentials, Rémoulade Sauce. For you curious non-New Orleanians out there, Rémoulade Sauce originated in France and found its way across the pond to New Orleans via our early French inhabitants. That French version consisted of a cold white sauce of mayonnaise spiked with the likes of mustard, gherkins, capers, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs and chopped herbs. The sauce was used primarily as an accompaniment to cold meat, fish and shellfish. It was unique and tasty but, over time, was enhanced by local ingredients and emerging cooking styles. [ ... ]

Carrot Cake

Of all the family recipes that have been handed down to me through the years, there are two I cherish most.  One is The Turtle Soup, which I wrote about last February, and the other is this Carrot Cake.  Both are nostalgic nods to my childhood.  Both flood my thoughts with warm memories of Sunday suppers, birthday dinners and holiday gatherings (especially Easter) shared with my mom’s large and loving family.  Both remind me of Grandma Kirn, my great-grandmother, who started these wonderful food traditions and of Papa, my maternal grandfather, as well as my mom, who have carried them [ ... ]

Food Blog South 2012

// Happy Friday to you!  Today I’m heading to Birmingham to attend my first ever food blog conference, Food Blog South.  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait to meet other food bloggers from the South (and beyond) and learn the finer points of, among other things, recipe development, food styling and food photography. I also hear the conference meals are phenomenal and the pre- and post-parties are a blast.  And this conference?  It could not have come at a better time!  You see, I had every intention of leaving you with a lovely finger food.  But I failed.  Well, sort of. [ ... ]

Saints, Sinners and Suds

FINALLY!!!!  After a long, drawn out off-season that had many people questioning whether we would even have professional football this year, we’ve made it to opening day.  To make it even better, my New Orleans Saints kickoff the season tonight against the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. The New Orleans Saints came to be on November 1, 1966, which was, coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally) All Saints Day, a Roman Catholic holiday.  Having been created on a Holy Day of Obligation in a predominately Catholic city, the owners felt compelled to call the team the Saints.  But they didn’t [ ... ]