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Peanut Butter Balls

My children arrive home from school around four o’clock in the afternoon tired and famished.  And every afternoon, I’m faced with the same challenges:  homework (there’s way too much of it), playtime (there’s never enough of it) and snacks (there are only so many satisfying and appealing options that won’t interfere with dinner).  Enter Peanut Butter Balls.  While these perfectly portioned, outrageously enjoyable treats won’t lighten the heavy homework load or extend play time, they will give my kids the extra kick they need to complete their assignments and enjoy a big game of hide-and-go-seek-tag.  A couple of these hearty [ ... ]
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Seven Steaks in Brown Gravy

My mom cooked Seven Steaks in Brown Gravy quite often when we were growing up.  But no one in my family, including her, prepares them anymore.  The dish would have been all but forgotten had I not undertaken a family cookbook project several months back (more on that in future posts).  Through the process of collecting recipes for the book, I’ve reacquainted myself with this and a bunch of other almost forgotten family favorites.  I called mom to share my excitement and we got to talking about how much we enjoyed seven steaks and how sad it was that this [ ... ]

Corn and Zucchini Saute

This jalapeno-spiked vegetable medley is one of my summer essentials.  But I can’t wait another four months to enjoy it, especially when Kroger’s zucchini and peppers are looking so good.  So I’m sharing it with you now.  I just hope you don’t forget about it when the warmer months roll around. For this quick saute I borrowed some delicious ideas from the good old, all-American chopped salad and our local butcher shop that sells a similar side dish in its prepared foods section.  The key here is uniformity.  Cut all the vegetables the same size.  I use the corn kernel as [ ... ]
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Super Bowl Recipes 2011

Are you ready for some football?  I’m not.  Truth be told, I didn’t plan on doing a Super Bowl post or even watching the game this year.  I guess I’ve been trying to avoid the event altogether, because come Sunday our beloved Saints will no longer be the reigning Super Bowl champs.  I get the once a champion, always a champion thing.  But when you’re the reigning champs you get 12 months of extra attention.  And I’ve loved every minute of it–the post-game interviews, the victory parade, the Super Bowl ring ceremony, the extensive and glowing sports coverage, inspiring news articles, [ ... ]