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Halloween: Cafe au Lait Meringue Ghosts

My neighborhood rocks on Halloween.  How can it not?  On my street alone, which is exactly a half mile long, we have at least 30 children under 13 and a rock-band-leader teenager who lives at the top.  Parents stroll along with “well-stocked” wagons in tow while live music pours onto the road.  The kids, decked out in the latest costume trends, run freely from house to house racking up on what ultimately ends up being pillowcases full of treats. When my kids were younger, I used to host a Halloween open house complete with a spooktacular spread of heavy picking food [ ... ]

Halloween: Halloween Candy Pastries

Halloween has come and gone, my little goblins (“Chucky,” “Jason” and “Hamm,” the pink piggy bank from Toy Story) have tucked away their costumes and all of the spooky decorations have been returned to the attic for another year.  Yet, there’s still a ton of candy occupying valuable space in my pantry!  What’s worse, I can’t help but eat a piece, or four, every time I walk in there.  What’s a mom to do with all of those leftover treats?  Make Halloween Candy Pastries, of course!  These flaky little turnovers make the perfect breakfast sweet or last minute dessert.  And [ ... ]