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Gumbo: Turkey Bone Gumbo

Hey! Got a few minutes to talk about Black Friday? Not shopping. Cooking. I know you’re busy finishing up your Thanksgiving menu, planning that inevitable last minute grocery run and cooking make-ahead sides and sauces. And the last thing on your mind is what’s for dinner on Friday. But this is important, especially if your Turkey Day celebration extends through the weekend like ours does. If you need to plan additional meals for visiting family and want to make the most of leftovers, then save that turkey carcass (or beg the hostess for it) [ ... ]

Pumpkin Pound Cake with Praline Glaze

Every year around this time, I get the urge to experiment with canned pumpkin. I like working it into both savory and sweet dishes. This year, I took the dessert route and ended up cranking out this Pumpkin Pound Cake. In true pound cake fashion, this version is dense and subtlety sweet. Those are the two things I love most about pound cakes. I did, however, drain the pumpkin first because I was afraid the cake might otherwise end up too firm. The texture turned out perfect as did the seasonally spiced flavor. [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Mini Blue Cheese Popovers

Since this is the last Friday before Thanksgiving, I thought this recipe for Mini Blue Cheese Popovers would be a good one to share since it works well as a finger food and can also fill in nicely on Thanksgiving Day as a pre-meal snack, a salad course escort or a petite dinner roll.  The crisp edges, airy insides and punchy blue cheese bite make these popovers extra-special.  You know I’m not much on baking and I’ve never made traditional popovers.  But I do like to occasionally play around with these types of recipes and I somewhat understand what makes [ ... ]

Mom’s Sweet Potatoes

These are my mom’s sweet potatoes. Her recipe is simply the best! No fuss or fanciness. Just smashed sweet potatoes “candied” ever so perfectly. During the holidays, they’re a must. It’s a family tradition my mom has carried out for as long as I can remember. And at every Thanksgiving and Christmas meal, I strategically spoon a generous serving onto my plate between the gravy-laden turkey slices and the Le Sueur green peas. That way, I can easily scoop up all those flavors into one forkful. Weird, I know. But that’s [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Baked Artichoke Dip

On this gorgeous day, at least where I am, I’m serving up another holiday helper. Yeah, I know. Artichoke Dip. Been there, done that. But mine is different. Well, a little. More importantly, I have to blog about it because it forces me to write down my recipe for my kiddos (and anyone else) so they can enjoy it for years to come. So here it is. My spin on this classic Southern staple. My recipe starts with the universal artichoke dip base: artichoke hearts, mayo and Parmesan cheese. From there, I kick it up with roasted red peppers, jalapenos, [ ... ]

Andouille, Spinach-Mushroom and Brie Bread Pudding

Do you all realize there are only two Thursdays between now and Thanksgiving?  How did that happen?  Why isn’t Thanksgiving on November 29, instead of November 22?  I’m well aware of the fourth Thursday of November tradition, but we’re losing an entire week here!  Can’t we buck the system just once?  For that reason alone, I’m glad I’m not hosting dinner this year.  That takes some pressure off.  But I still need to make two side dishes that can be prepared in advance and travel well (as in 500 miles well) or that can be made with little time and [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Grilled Chicken Skewers with Special Sauce

  I’ve been making this recipe with some variation of chicken for years now.  It’s one of my favorite weekday lunches.  And it all started with leftover chicken and a hodgepodge of fridge finds. Some of my off-the-cuff lunch creations like this are worth repeating.  Others are not.  This one’s been in constant rotation since day one because it’s quick and flavorful and the entire family likes it.  But because the sauce is made with Greek yogurt, I had to give it a code name so my kids wouldn’t snub it–they were weird about that stuff when I first started [ ... ]