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Boudin-Stuffed Turkey Breast

Back in January, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Evans at the foodblogSouth conference in Birmingham. Amy is an oral historian with the Southern Foodways Alliance, a not-for-profit institute of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. The organization studies the diverse food cultures of the ever-changing American South and records its findings through oral histories, photographs, documentaries and various publications. It then celebrates the regions cultural “creators and keepers,” as I like to call them, by sharing their stories with anyone and everyone through various festivals, field trips and an annual symposium. [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about how I’m not a baker and don’t really enjoy the process. On the rare occasions when I do bake, however, I expect those items to be the best they can be. When it comes to chocolate chip cookies (the number one sweet finger food in this house), the best of the best in my book are ones with crispy exteriors and chewy, borderline cakey, interiors. I’ve been working on this recipe for years and I think I’ve finally got it exactly where I want it–just in time for [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Grilled Watermelon with Prosciutto and Feta

Growing up, I was served and came to enjoy fruit as a solitary food group. In my household fruits, regardless of their color, texture or versatility, were eaten alone. Never did they mingle with other fruits or foods. There was no fruit salad, no cereal topped with fruit and no fruit-embellished dishes of any kind including desserts (well, with the exception of Banana’s Foster and Cherries Jubliee which were served only on special occasions and usually prepared by my Uncle Teddy). I never thought twice about it until I entered my late teens and began dining [ ... ]