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Roasted Green Beans with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Are there certain vegetables you prepare the same way over and over again? I can name several and until a few years ago green beans was one of them. I kept defaulting to that same old family recipe where we cook them down with new potatoes and pickled meat (I need to get you that recipe) because it was familiar, comforting and flat-out delicious. But when I first introduced that dish to my kids, they wouldn’t touch it. Maybe my timing was off since they all went through that weird stage where they wouldn’t eat potatoes [ ... ]

Irish Coffee

Have we ever had the coffee talk? You and me? No? I didn’t think so. Well, there’s no better time than the present. So, please, indulge me. I promise to make it brief. Don’t hate me for saying this, but I’m not a fan of the whole Starbucks phenomenon. I just don’t get it. The uber-sweet, syrupy concoctions make me bloated and remorseful. The macchiato-this and frappuccino-that overwhelm me. And that size thing–grande, venti, whatever-de … really? I apologize to anyone who has ever been behind me in [ ... ]
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Gumbo: Shrimp and Okra Gumbo

  Hello Shrimp and Okra Gumbo! What do you think of the new photo size? Too big maybe? I can’t decide. I told the hubby I wanted bigger photos on the site, but I just don’t know if they should be this large. Please, tell me what you think! The gumbo, on the other hand, it’s a keeper. No indecisiveness there. This recipe is awesome through and through–oh how I wish I could hand you a spoon and invite you to dig it. It’s earthy and aromatic and an essential part of [ ... ]

Raised on a Roux, the Magazine, and Other New Site Features

As you may have noticed, I’m changing things up here at Raised on a Roux all in an effort to share more New Orleans family food and culture and helpful info. For starters, I’ve added a Resources tab. I should have done this a long time ago, I know. But finally, it’s here. The Resources tab is your one stop click-to-shop for ingredients and cooking tools you may be hard-pressed to find if you live outside New Orleans or South Louisiana. All my go-to markets and online sources are listed there. Next is the addition of the Social tab. Okay, this [ ... ]
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