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Finger Food Friday: Roasted Garlic, White Bean and Artichoke Dip

This dip is the epitome of a “pantry recipe.” You know, one of those quick, easy and yummy dishes prepared on the fly with ingredients found in, well, the pantry. A last-minute meal if you will to sate eleventh hour invitees, unannounced guests or a hungry husband and three ravenous teens. Most of the time, I make a pantry recipe once and never recreate it because I fail to write down anything. And my vague recollection of what I created the first go-round never tastes the same despite repeated attempts. But fortunately with this dip, [ ... ]

Cajun Black Bean Soup

Whenever I’m home, I always make time to visit one of my favorite grocery stores to stock up on local staples. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to sneak away from the family and traipse down the aisles collecting food stuff I can’t find in Atlanta and discovering new homegrown goodies. When we stay with my in-laws in Kenner, my typical stops are Dorignac’s, Zuppardo’s and Langenstein’s. These are the old guards of family-owned, neighborhood grocery stores. Crossing the threshold of one of these well-respected establishments is like stepping back in time. The aisles are [ ... ]
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Pinto Beans

  Our family has a longstanding tradition of special birthday meals.  On that one special day each year, we get to choose our favorite home-cooked dish for dinner.  My longstanding choice for that special meal has always been my mom’s pinto beans.  They are the bomb for two very good reasons.  One, she cooks them down with copious amounts of roasted pork–the homey/economical cuts like a shoulder or those large, boneless country-style ribs.  And two, she serves them nachos-style.  She covers a dinner plate with Doritos and layers the beans and garnishes on top.  We eat them with our fingers grabbing [ ... ]
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Sun Dried Tomato and Lentil Ragout

Way down yonder in New Orleans, we’re obsessed with beans.  And not just red beans.  We’re crazy about butter beans (large limas), navy beans, pintos, split peas and black-eyes.  Oh, and we also look forward to cooking with Great Northerns, black beans and chickpeas. And I can’t forget fava beans. We like to stash one of those in our coin purse to insure that we’ll never go broke. That’s an American-Creole-Italian thing–although I did discover during my CSA days that favas make a mighty fine dip! Then there are those other less popular types of “legumes” (a word we never [ ... ]