Happy Thanksgiving!

Right now I’m sitting at my sister’s kitchen table contemplating the day with a hot cup of joe (Community Dark Roast if you’re curious) and watching a beautiful fall sun rise over Mandeville, the northshore suburb where my sister lives. I love spending Thanksgiving in New Orleans surrounded by family and today I’ll get to catch up with many relatives I haven’t seen in years. My Uncle Barry is hosting dinner, which is no small feat. He’ll be setting the table (actually tables) for four generations that will be eating, drinking, laughing and giving thanks together. I don’t have an exact handle on the menu, but it will probably read something like this: deep fried turkey, baked ham, roasted capon, gumbo, crawfish soup, jambalaya, oyster dressing, eggplant dressing, broccoli au gratin, candied sweet potatoes, rice and gravy, baked macaroni, stuffed mirlitons, green peas, a green salad, crabmeat imperial on toast points, pecan pie, double-layer pumpkin pie, brownie trifle, banana pudding, fudge and cookies. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But before I head across the lake and dig in, let me say thanks to all of you for sharing this fun food journey with me. Documenting all my family recipes and the crazy stories that go with them wouldn’t be the same without you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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