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Finger Food Friday: The Muffuletta

One of the ultimate finger foods has to be the good old American sandwich.  And it dawned on me last week, while working on my banh mi appetizers, that I have never posted anything on the muffuletta (pronounced “muff-uh-LOTT-a”)–one of the greatest and most generous sandwiches New Orleans has to offer.  The muffuletta was created in the early 1900s by the original owner of Central Grocery, a small family-owned Italian grocery store/lunch counter in the French Quarter.  This unique sandwich is made on a soft, circular Italian bread loaf piled high with cured meat, Swiss or provolone cheese and olive [ ... ]

Italian Olive Salad

I have never made olive salad from scratch, until today.  I’ve figured the jarred varieties made by a couple of New Orleans grocery stores would be better than anything I could ever pull together.  However, olive salad has always been one of those items on my make-it-from-scratch-at-least-once list.  So I did.  And like most of the things that get scratched off that list (no pun intended), I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  The texture was the most notable difference.  The olives had more bounce.  The cauliflower more crunch. The overall freshness of the olive salad was a huge [ ... ]
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