Grilled Skillet Steak

Grilled Skillet Steak

Grilled Skillet Steak

We just returned from our annual Destin trip. We’re so thankful our kids have Fall Break, because otherwise we would not have been able to fit that vacation in this year. And this momma needs her beach time and everything that accompanies it–sun-soaked, lazy days, powdery sand, emerald green waters, fresh Gulf seafood (lots and lots of fresh seafood), cold craft beer, the occasional rum-spiked something or other and a happy hubby and children. In case you’re wondering, September is an awesome time to visit the Florida Gulf Coast. Yes, there are the occasional hurricanes to dodge this time of year. But the great thing is, you can wait until the last minute to book your stay. Oh, and at a much cheaper price than peak summer I might add. We may have to plan another September escape next year.

Eating fresh seafood is always one of the highlights of the week for me. I get my fix in Destin much in the same way I do when I go home. That’s mainly because I live in landlocked Woodstock, Georgia, where fresh seafood is hard to come by. (Okay, I’m spoiled. If there’s no seafood market on fresh-seafood-selling-grocery-store within three miles then I consider it “hard to come by.”) Anyway, because we eat so much seafood on these trips all five of us return to the Atlanta burbs craving steak. Big hunks of beef. For days. Sometimes weeks. And that’s usually the time when I create recipes like this one.

Grilled Skillet Steak is exactly what the name implies–it’s a nice cut of beef that’s been charred over a hot grill and finished in a cast iron skillet. It’s a great way to serve steak to a large group of people. Because the steak is already sliced before it goes in the skillet, you can see when the steak reaches different levels of doneness making it super easy to accommodate every steak lover’s preference. It’s also a fun dish to serve family style alongside a big green salad, Grilled Potato Salad (I’ll share that recipe later in the week) and plenty of French bread.

Grilled Skillet Steak Recipe

Print Recipe

Print Recipe

4 1 1/4-inch thick boneless sirloin or ribeye steaks
Extra virgin olive oil, for brushing
Kosher salt and coarse black pepper
1 stick unsalted butter, cut into pieces
12 sprigs fresh thyme

About 30 minutes before cooking time, remove steaks from refrigerator and let sit at room temperature. Prepare the grill for direct cooking over high heat. Place a large cast iron skillet on one side of the grill to preheat. Lightly brush the steaks with olive oil and generously season both sides with salt and pepper. Place the steaks directly on the grates and cook until charred on both sides, 4-6 minutes total. Transfer steaks to a chopping board and cut across the grain into thick slices. Place the steak slices close together in the hot cast iron skillet and top with butter and thyme, pushing some of the thyme to the bottom of the skillet to season the melted butter. Cook steaks, occasionally basting with melted butter, to desired doneness, about 5 minutes for medium rare. Serve the steaks with spoonfuls of the pan drippings poured on top. Makes 4 hungry man (or woman) servings or 8 average servings.


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