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Italian Olive Salad

I have never made olive salad from scratch, until today.  I’ve figured the jarred varieties made by a couple of New Orleans grocery stores would be better than anything I could ever pull together.  However, olive salad has always been one of those items on my make-it-from-scratch-at-least-once list.  So I did.  And like most of the things that get scratched off that list (no pun intended), I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  The texture was the most notable difference.  The olives had more bounce.  The cauliflower more crunch. The overall freshness of the olive salad was a huge [ ... ]
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Finger Food Friday: Appetizer-Style Banh Mi

New Orleans is known for lots of wonderful food stuff, including sandwiches.  The two most popular being the poor boy and the muffuletta.  But there’s another sandwich in town that’s gotten a lot of attention over the past few years.  It’s “banh mi” (pronounced bun-me).  The word refers to both a Vietnamese-style baguette loaf and the sandwich that’s made with it.  The story behind the New Orleans-Vietnamese banh mi goes something like this. Way back when, the French introduced a baguette smeared with liver pate to the Vietnamese people.  The Vietnamese called it banh (biscuit/cake) mi (flour/wheat).  The French-style baguette was [ ... ]

Basil Chicken Salad

I have another yummy basil recipe for you to try.  It’s Basil Chicken Salad.  Think big chunks of chicken coated in a creamy mixture of fresh basil, pungent garlic and sharp Parmesan.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  It’s a nice departure from the chicken salad we ate as kids.  There’s no celery, no fruit and absolutely no pickle relish.  Just a handful of bold ingredients that become more delicious over time. To take full advantage of these wonderful flavors as they develop, I’ve come up with a three-day plan for eating this chicken salad. On day one, after the salad has [ ... ]
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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2011– Awesome!

WOW!  The first weekend of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival ranks up there with the best of the best.  I couldn’t wait to get back in front of the computer to tell you all about it!  Granted, I could have Tweeted my way through it all to keep you in “real time.”  I simply chose not to.  I needed to disconnect.  Truly live in the moment.  Besides, my hands were full.  Very busy.  Occupied with great food and lots of cold adult beverages.  But hey, it’s all good.  I’m sharing some high points right here and now! For starters, [ ... ]

New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival

I’d like to give a shout out to the New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival which is this Sunday in Uptown New Orleans.  New Orleans has a ton of festivals throughout the year, but I think this one is really cool because in addition to celebrating one of our most beloved culinary traditions, the poor boy (accurate spelling) sandwich, it also sets out to promote and preserve a way of life. You see, the Carrollton area that plays host to this event represents a big part of New Orleans culture.  In this Uptown New Orleans neighborhood, residents harmoniously co-exist with restaurants, businesses [ ... ]