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Finger Food Friday: Ponchatoula Strawberry Salsa

I introduced you all to this salsa last May when I was celebrating Cinco de Mayo South Louisiana-style. Remember my Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Tostadas? This salsa was one of the garnishments. But since it’s finally spring and one of the sweetest signs of spring in the GNO (Greater New Orleans Area) is the appearance of fresh, Louisiana strawberries at local farmer’s markets and grocery stores, I thought it was only right to give this salsa its own time in the spotlight. Because besides being the perfect sidekick to shrimp tostadas, Ponchatoula Strawberry Salsa is also [ ... ]

A Besh Box and Grilled Shrimp with Vanilla Bean and Pecan Pesto

For Christmas, the hubby surprised me with a special gift–a Besh Box.  I was reading up on this latest endeavor by Chef John Besh in the weeks preceding Christmas and was contemplating buying one myself. But I don’t recall ever mentioning that to Larry. I shouldn’t be surprised, though, by his perfect gift-giving abilities. After 20 years together, the man can pretty much read my mind. He also follows the New Orleans food scene almost as closely as I do and knows that any food-related or New Orleans-inspired gift rocks my world. So this Besh Box is really cool. It’s basically [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Mixed Grill Grilled Provolone

Although the name of this recipe sounds redundant. It’s not. This finger food is one part “mixed grill” and one part “grilled provolone.” Put the two together and you’ve got an outrageously rocking herbaceously spicy, cheesy, Cajun meets Italian meets Argentinian masterpiece, if I must say so myself. Now I’m not one to toot my own horn. Really, I’m not! But if you love the fab trio of andouille, shrimp and chicken (think jambalaya and gumbo), the smoky goodness of roasted poblano peppers and grilled onions, the tang and bite of an almost-chimichurri sauce and the pronounced flavor of a [ ... ]

Finger Food Friday: Blackened Shrimp with Craisins Salsa

During hurricane season, our house becomes a place of refuge for all of our family members under mandatory evacuation.  It’s throughout these nerve-racking times that I’m truly grateful we live outside of New Orleans and are able to provide anyone willing to make the drive this far east with a safe haven.  Pre-Katrina, those evacuations meant nothing more than a spontaneous party with our extended family.  Post-Katrina, we hesitate using the term “Hurricane Party,” but we do continue to appreciate the fact that those tense weather events bring us all together.  And regardless of the severity of the storm or [ ... ]

Welcome to Finger Food Friday and Cajun Egg Rolls with Sweet and Tangy Dipping Sauce!

Happy Friday!  I’m so excited today because I’m kicking off my very first recurring blog series:  Finger Food Fridays.  Through my weekly posts, I’ll be introducing you to all my favorite finger foods (which I refer to more affectionately as “picking foods”) and the TGIF liquid refreshments that accompany them.  These are my go-to comfort foods–recipes that reflect what I enjoy cooking, eating and serving to my family and friends at the end of a hectic week.  The spread is broad.  Great fun to make.  More fun to eat.  Mainly simple.  Occasionally ambitious.  Always interesting.  Best of all, each dish [ ... ]

Shrimp Creole

I’ve never liked Shrimp Creole.  Maybe it’s because my mom never cooked it or because the few restaurant versions that I’ve tried were disappointing.  But oddly enough, it has always been a dish that I wanted to like. I hadn’t thought much about my dysfunctional relationship with Shrimp Creole until recently while reading through a bunch of recipes and stories on roux-based dishes.  Every time a Shrimp Creole reference crossed my desk, my mouth watered.  They all sounded so rich, comforting and tasty, but my food memories recalled otherwise.  I had never eaten a bowl of Shrimp Creole that was rich, [ ... ]